Beauty Favorites of 2017 that You NEED in 2018!

Well, it’s finally 2018. The New Year is always a bittersweet moment for me. It represents both the ending and the beginning of things old and new. One thing I can say about 2017 is that it has shown me some pretty great things, beauty-wise, that have quickly became favorites and I plan on keeping around in 2018. Check them out and see why you need to get them NOW!


1. Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette by Anastasia BeverlyHills

Since the day I picked up this pretty little palette from Ulta, I fell in love. Simply as that. I love how I can use most of the colors for both a natural look and a super glam look. All I need to do is add a touch of glitter on my lid and brighten up my inner tear ducts and be on my way. I’ve gotten used to doing my makeup in the car a lot of times. So when I’m pressed for time or short on space this is usually my go-to palette.

2. Gilded Honey Bakes Swirl Illuminator by Laura Mercier

Am I the only person that remembers when this highlight first came out. I will admit, I slept on it for a while. But after needing to make some space in my makeup bag, I had to trade in my Tartiest Pro Glow Palette (which I still adore) for something a bit smaller. Even though it’s small, it still packs a huge punch! I think it suits my skin tone well, and adds a nice, natural glow to my makeup looks. The best part is if I want to go for that Instaglam, “In ‘Yo face” type of highlight, all I have to do is build the product up to my liking. I wish I didn’t sleep on this highlighter as long as I did. It is hands down one of my favorites of 2017.

3.Brow Gel by NYX

Attention to all my Baddies on a budget, stop spending all of your hard-earned coins on brow gels and pencils when you can get this one from NYX for roughly $7. I promise you it works just as good, and better in some cases than other more expensive alternatives on the market. I picked this up on a humbug, probably the same day I got my Modern Renaissance Palette and never looked back. I love this product so much I’m actually on my second Tube. A little goes a long way and what I like most is that its a gel, not a pomade or tint, so it also helps do the job of taming those unruly brow hairs and keeping them in place. If you need a little extra assistance with the taming the Control Freak Gel by NYX is also a good buy.

…more favorites

4.Teint Idole Foundation by Lancome

My first go around with this foundation was definitely less than “I love it.” I didn’t necessarily hate it but something was off. Turns out I was matched for the wrong color. Once I switched to shade 550-c I was in heaven and it quickly made the favorites list (example here). This foundation does come with a slightly hefty price tag compared to my second favorite- Fit Me (Dewy+Smooth) from Maybelline. Still, the Teint Idole is worth every penny. It provides me full coverage with two applications and melts into my skin amazingly! If there is one item I’d say splurge on, it would be this one.

5. Hangover Primer by Too Faced

Jackie Aina gets all of the props for this one. She is always using the Too Faced primer and setting spray on her YouTube channel. I decided one day, why not go ahead and try it. So I got the travel size. Let’s just say I have now upgraded to the full-size bottle. I love that it’s silicone-free and covers my pores well. I noticed almost immediately how different my makeup went on when using this compared to my other primers. Also, since I’ve been setting my primer with this powder before applying my foundation, I have noticed how my pores show even less than before. If only a girl would drink as much water as she needs to… Sigh. One day, one day!

6. Honey Dew Me Up by Nyx

OMG, talk about having a natural glow! This primer is lovely for those with minimal skin issues or someone how just wants to add a little more life to their dull skin. The three main ingredients- honey, collagen and small gold flakes, give the perfect touch to keep people guessing about what you’re doing to get your skin so healthy and glowing. The honey acts as an antiseptic to help fight bacteria. As many already know, the collagen aids in smoothing out the surface of the skin. And it’s a no-brainer that the gold flacks will help light radiate off of your skin like its coming from within. Woah, that rhymed. Cheesy much? Sorry ladies. I just can’t help myself sometimes.


7. Skin Active Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream by Garnier

I picked up this favorite at target one day while browsing through the cosmetic aisle. What drew me to this was that is was a gel moisturizer, which is perfect for my larger pores. The jar also advertises that it is for normal/combination skin, which is what I primarily had. It feels very cool and refreshing. It does a perfect job of adding moisture to my skin without leaving it feeling, greasy, heavy, CLOGGED or even worse, thirsty! Don’t worry, if you truly do have dry skin, they do offer this version specially formulated for you.

8. Clear Face Cleansing Foam by Seabmed

I was recommended this cleanser by my dermatologist at Curology, an online service that aids in treating skin care problems using custom formula creams. They assign you to a dermatologist or physician’s assistant that is specialized in dermatology. From there you can have one on one meetings online and discuss your concerns and seek help. My physician told me to stop using coconut oil on my face and switch to this foam cleanser. It caters to acne prone skin, contains montaline c40 to help improve complexion and the ph is 5.5 to aid against new breakouts. I have noticed a drastic improvement in my skin since using this and highly recommend you give it a try, even if you don’t have acne prone skin.


9. Peel & Polish by Pixi

I honestly don’t know what made me pick this product up some months back but I sure am glad I did. It has quickly grown to be one of my favorites when it comes to facial masks. This one is no fuss, easy to apply and does what it claims. The biggest thing I noticed was how it helped unclog my congested pores. It took me a few days, but I noticed how easy it was to remove blackheads and how I saw less and less of them. The Peel & Polish exfoliant uses Lactic acid, as well as other acids and fruit enzymes, to remove dead skin cells and help smooth out complexion. The first this I noticed was how SMOOOOOTH my skin felt, even days after using this. Please get this peel and show your skin some love.


10. Rogue Love by Rihanna

 Can I tell you all a funny story about this perfume? I have it for a little over a year and didn’t use it until a friend of mine came to my house and raided my fragrance stash and tested it out. I couldn’t stop sniffing her and kept asking her what she put on. It quickly became one of my favorites. From that day forward, this has been the bottle I go to before I head out the door. I have a hard time describing fragrances, so bear with me. But it’s a very sweet has a lightly floral aroma with a hint of vanilla. It’s not very strong or overly pungent. You will love it. The best part is that it’s on sale.

Welp, this pretty much wraps up my thorough list of favorites for you guys. I know this was a fairly lengthy post, but I wanted to describe each item as best as I could to help you be able to make a confident decision when purchasing. I hope that 2018 turns out to be everything you’ve ever dreamed and MORE! Hopefully, a few of the items on my list can be added to your self-care day while you’re winding down and relaxing. You deserve it! Set your goals, then crush em ladies!


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  1. January 6, 2018 / 10:06 am

    Love reading about your makeup and skincare routine! We are always on the lookout for new products and we gotta say, we can’t wait to try out the too faced primer! Keep up the amazing work babe!

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