Statement Sleeve Sweaters + How to Style them!



“…People will stare. Make it worth their while!”

Since the hubby and I were kid free this weekend, I decided to get dressed up in this cozy sweater that caught many eyes because of its statement sleeves. Right after Putting it on, my husband told me I looked very…Shakespearian. I did NOT take that as a compliment! LOL. The funny thing is, by the time he finished snapping my pics, he could not stop complementing me on how nice it looked.  I enjoyed wearing this sweater so much that I actually plan on adding a few more to my closet. Keep scrolling and check out what other statement sleeves are a MUST HAVE this season!

Other Cute Statement Sleeves to Love

Get the look: Everyone is feeling mustard yellow right now. This yellow sweater (currently on sale at Nordstrom!) is a statement sleeves BANGER! Try pairing it with these black skinny jeans (…also on sale at Nordstrom!). Then throw on these cute leopard print booties OR these knee hight boots  and catch everyones attention! I think this outfit is casual enough for a play date with your kids and other mom friends. You can also switch up your accessories and dress it up for ladies date night as well.

Good Shoes Take You Good Places!

Since I’m sharing shoes to pair with your cute statement sweaters, please allow me to share these velvet beauties with you from my weekend. Let me start by saying the satin lace strings have to be what won me over! When I first spotted them at Target, I was a little unsure about them. I told myself, “Ok, if you see them again and you’re still crushing…get them!” Needless to say, I got em. LOL. It also doesn’t help much that I’m in target almost every other day with a reason/excuse to be getting something. Here are a few more options I was considering to wear with this sweater.

Secure Your Bag, Ladies!

Tell me who says they don’t love pom poms and I will tell you they’re FIBBING! HAHAHA. Ok, so they may not be telling a little white lie, but I can’t name one chica that does have one pom pom piece in her collection. I just love how the gray tones and the pom pom attachment on this purse really compliment my fluffy pullover sweater.  I definitely feel that the statement sleeves in my pullover sweater called for something with a small but mighty punch.  If you don’t like over the shoulder bags, there are PLENTY of cute clutches, handbags and small backpacks that will go with this look. *flips hair* Check these out below, to my surprise, most of them are on sale!!!

Life isn’t Perfect, But Your Outfit can be!

Shop this Look!



I pray you all are enjoying the week! Remember to keep your head UP and ALWAYS make your STATEMENT!






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