How My Mom Lost Me on Christmas Eve! + Holiday Outfit Idea

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As the Holiday Spirit fills the air, I can’t help but reminisce about all of the childhood memories I experienced with my family. It didn’t hit me until I was at the park, playing with my kiddos and was unable find where one had ran off too. Luckily he didn’t run too far, but I’m sure some moms can relate to that feeling you get when you can’t find your child right away. I instantly began to think of the story my mom often told about how she lost me on Christmas Eve.

I have always been that one kid, the one to cause their parents all types of H-E- double hockey sticks. Only Lord knows how thankful I am for the amount of patience He blessed them with! Anywho, let’s get back to this crazy story. So, it was one foggy Christmas Eve, in the Phillips residence. My mom and I had just finished baking cookies for Santa to enjoy as he slipped a few presents under my tree. I was apparently so worn out and tired from all of the festivities from the day, between the baking, wrapping presents and laughing at some of our favorite movies. Needless to say, I fell asleep quickly and was counting as many sheep as a three-year-old could count. LOL.

I guess my mom got so caught up cleaning up our mess and bonding with my dad and grandma, that she completely forgot about her little baby girl. She called out my name a few times but began to panic as she heard no response. She checked my bed, I wasn’t there. Next stop, their bed; I wasn’t there either. She checked the basement, underneath tables, she even went outside. One place she didn’t check was….UNDERNEATH THE CHRISTMAS TREE! Since I was fast asleep, I couldn’t tell you how long my poor mother was looking for me BUT I sure am glad someone decided to glance behind all the presents under the tree to find me snuggled up with my blanket and stuffed teddy bear, patiently waiting for Santa’s arrival.


…on to my Christmas Eve Outfit!

So, in the midst of taking some awesome pictures of the cutest fall/winter jumpsuit with the cutest kids ever, I remember this short and silly story of my beloved mom. As some of you may not know, she passed away years ago. While at times I do get sad (I wrote a post about this) it is nice to still look back on the good times we had together. I’m just so blessed to have had such a wonderful role model to look up to and enjoy being the mother and women she would be proud to call her daughter.

I purchased this olive green jumpsuit (similar…and cheaper!) from Fashion Nova. I love how versatile this piece is and the ruffle effect from the drawstring waist to hide my “baby fat” is a plus! You can definitely dress it up or all the way down. Another thing I love about a good, one-piece jumpsuit or romper is that it’s fairly easy to style! It’s just one article of clothing you HAVE to work with ladies. HA! Me, being the most extra person I know, I decided to dress it up with a cute green peek-a-toe (is that even a word?) booties  (similar) and a fur vest from H&M. I was able to get away with wearing this vest because my jumpsuit has long sleeves and the weather was exceptionally bipolar per usual.

This jumpsuit is definitely on my list of possibilities for Christmas Eve gatherings we have planned for next week. I may decide not to be so extra and wear some cute sneakers or flats instead of the shoes I have pictured above. Naturally, I’ll keep you all posted and wish you the best this Holiday!

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