Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Mask| Holy Grail or Fail??


I’ve had my eye on the PTR (Peter Thomas Roth) collection for over a year now. Honestly, its hard for a product junky like myself to even believe I went so long before making this purchase.  But with a slightly steep price tag of $58, I honestly couldn’t justify paying so much for a product I knew little about. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of rave reviews all over the internet in regards to this line, but it wasn’t convincing enough for me to take the plunge.

With the a new year approaching,  I decided to try something different in efforts to help clear up my skin and aid in unclogging my pores. Initially, I was set on trying out the impurities Supermud Mask and headed to Ulta to snag a sample. Welp, my trip was in vein because, where I’m located, the product is only available at Sephora (silly me). I did, however, discovered a large, 6oz jar of the Irish Moor Mud Mask on sale for only $30! This was exciting for me because this size jar usually retails for $99. I guess I happened to be in the wrong place at the right time! I was actually so excited that I took a sample and smeared it across the back side of my hand to get a feel of things.


As soon as I got home, I rushed to the bathroom to wash my face and apply the mask just as directed on the jar. Upon scooping some of the product out, the first thing I noticed was how the consistency of this mask felt much different from other “mud” masks I’ve tried in the past. It feels less clay-like and more along the lines of algae or slime. I think this is due to the use of Black Hijiki Seaweed– which PTR claims adds nutrients and hydration to the skin. Also, most of the mud masks I have tried are more green/grey or even brown/red in color. This mask is black because it has activated charcoal in it, used to draw out impurities and combat congestion of the skin, enlarged pore, wrinkles and other damages that could occur.

Now, on to the application. I would be lying to you all if I said this product didn’t make a slight mess, because it did. I used my finger to apply the product all over my face. I had to use a few napkins to get if off my hands…arms… and even my shirt afterwards. From there I allowed it to stay on for up to 10 minutes. I have seen one other review on this particular mask where the young lady used an applicator brush-I should have gotten the hint from there, huh. No worries, the more you handle the product, you either get used to the messes or you find ways to minimize them. As the jar suggests, use a damp, warm wash cloth to remove the product instead of your hands alone. This single step save you much time and headache of a messy removal. Plus I also feel like its gives a slightly  gentle exfoliation.

While I was removing the mask, I noticed immediately how well it sank into my pores to remove dirt and impurities that my cleanser missed. My actual skin felt clean yet moisturized. This treatment doesn’t feel like anything harsh that you would need to follow up with a heavy duty moisturizer, unlike some other treatments. I was also pleased to know that I could use it up to three times a week!  I will also say that even though the original price of this mask is on the higher end of the scale, a little goes a long way. In the picture above, the product is still  fairly close to the top and I have already used this mask 5 times! I have gotten compliments on how my skin looks smoother,  have less blackheads, and while my pores are still obviously there, they do not appear as deep as they used to. This mask has definitely be added to my list of HOLY GRAILS!!

Tell me!! What masks or treatments do you use for your skin? Have you tried this particular mask or any others from the Peter Thomas Roth line? I’d love your feedback as well as other suggestions!

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    If your arlectis are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

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