How to Style a Shirt Dress for Cold Fall Weather

Do you have that one article of clothing you wear or use until you cant wear it anymore? Well, that’s basically me with all things leopard print, no matter the season!I was so attached to this leopard print shirt dress that I picked up for only $17, that I didn’t really care if it was the end of November. Most often, shirt dresses are worn in the Spring and Summer but I simply HAD to sport this one over the weekend. Let’s dig right on in and share some styling tips on how to get away with donning a shirt dress is cold Fall/Winter Weather!

Coats and Cardigans!

Shirt Dress: F21// Jacket: F21 (similar)// Boots: EGO Official (similar)// Scarf: F21//Hair: BeautyUnleased

Cardigans and outerwear, in general, is my number one tip for carrying over your warm weather wardrobe into the colder seasons to come. I layered up in this black leather jacket. It is so simple to complete the look just by throwing on a cardigan, poncho or jacket. I love it! You can also swap out your leather or denim for a trench coat when it’s really cold! Check out some of these cute jackets that will amp up your favorite shirt dress for the cold weather to come.

Scarf it up!

I am in love with this burgundy, chunky, woven scarf. You can match most colors with leopard print, but there’s something about the fall and burgundy colors that just does something to me! There are so many cute and chic scarf pieces that will match perfectly with a shirt dress to keep you cozy. Bonus: Some coats come with removable fur collars that you could also use to stay warm and stylish.

Shirt Dress: F21// Jacket: F21 (similar)// Boots: EGO Official (similar)// Scarf: F21//Hair: BeautyUnleased


Cover those Legs up!

I chose to pair my shirt dress with either over knee boots or my cute black booties with some tights. I love the way both look! I love how slimming the tights with the booties are. They also make my little chicken legs look more elongated. I’ll take that any day. LOL! I am a huge sucker for over the knee (see: OTK) boots. I love them so much one of my previous posts featured a very cute pair that I’m sure I will be wearing often this season.  Hint: Wearing over the knee boots also allows you to swear some of your cute shorts and skirts from the summer as well! Check out some boots I plan to sport these next few months.

Shirt Dress: F21// Jacket: F21 (similar)// Boots: EGO Official (similar)// Scarf: F21//Hair: BeautyUnleased

If you’re a member of the “all leopard everything” team, you MUST get this shirt dress. I tell no lies when I’m saying you’ll love it.  And if the temperatures have already dropped where you are, don’t let that stop you from wearing your favorite shirt dress! Make it happen this week!! Remeber, all roads lead to Rome 😉

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  1. November 30, 2017 / 9:00 am

    We’re totally a member of the all leopard everything! We had the same idea when doing our blog post about leopard (great minds think alike)! Love how you styled the leopard dress and it’s seriously perfect for this weather we’re having right now. And as always, looking gorgeous in all your photos!

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